Sunday, December 19, 2010

Yesterday, I ate.

Sexta-feira (Friday), Frances and I hung out at her sweet little maison and ate. I mean, we also did a little yoga and talked and talked and talked and cooked. Oh yes, and I, um, blogged. The sun was out and after the long day before with Campinas and magic Israeli rasta tahine, we were ready for relaxation. Diego e Kiara went to Ciabra, a neighboring town, to do some shopping and Frances and I were left to our own devices (and our stomaches).

cafe de chapada
I had my first cup of coffee in a week with these little cookies I bought at the mercado--they taste like they were made with butter from cows fed really hearty hay and grass, almost like sheep's milk. Foi delicioso.

cafe a manha chez Frances
F is a wiz in the kitchen. She made yogurt, fresh acerola juice (suco de acerola), tahini sauce, teriyaki soy protein stir fry, eggs with arugola and majoracao, toast and ghee and cucumber tomato salad...and I'm sure I am forgetting a few things.

We finished the day off with the weirdest and tastiest pizza I've ever had. For days I've heard about this pizza. It was the first and only restaurant in Capao for a very long time. The owner is a Swiss guy who very clearly loves his pizza, his restaurant and pretty much everyone who comes in. In short, he was extremely friendly and happy to see us. Kiara had been to this joint fifteen years earlier when she visited Capao. She said the pizza is almost exactly the same--still perfect.

psychedelic pizza
It's made on a light bread dough so the crust is light and crispy. There is a bit of tomato sauce, a layer of grated carrots, mozarella and then pesto made of majoracao (brazilian basil--a bit spicy), garlic and green olives. The condiments that accompany the one and only type of pizza served here are: soy sauce, spicy honey and olive oil. Weird, I know. Heavenly, who knew? Diego doubted we could eat the Famiglia size, but Kiara and I ate the man and the pregnant lady under the table. With a beer to boot. Never underestimate an 82 year old italian woman who is willing to pick up and live in rural Brasil for several months. And never underestimate a Swiss fella with a vision for pizza. Did I mention that he grows almost every ingredient? This pie alone is worth the 24 hour trip from New York.

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