Friday, December 10, 2010

Dry run, wet friday

Yesterday I got to the rodoviaria (bus station) at the exact moment that my bus north was leaving. Boo. So I went back to Salvador, had a lovely dinner of carne del sol and pirao do aipim and beacoup das cervejas. Flavia and I chatted away into the night with her beautiful crafts, playing dress up with necklaces and brincos (earrings) and celebrating her upcoming adventures in January. Boa sorte dear Flavia.

So nothing lost, except I wake up early to go back to the rodoviaria for going to the beach and its raining. All. up. the. coast. But I go anyway. Wish me luck. Peut-etre I return back in time for spaghetti dinner at the book store and a talk on wikileaks.

Boa sorte me!

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