Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Vale do Capao

The internet has been out for two days because of a rainstorm, such is life in rural's what's been a'brewin'.

I made it to Capao, where it is, yes, raining. It is so beautiful and magical here in the Chapada that it doesn't really matter. Frances is ginormous and glowing gravida gorgeousness and Diego is a bearded knight in shining armor as he appears at 6am to pick me up at the bus station in Palmeiras. I was also greeted by Keke, part of Frances's birthing team and Kiara, Diego's spry 82 year old Italian mother. We speak french, natch.

The whole ride back to Capao I soaked in the beautiful surroundings, the extremely bumpy road (serious negotiations with my bladder until we stopped and I peed in the bright shiny morning light of the road to Capao) and the fact that Frances's doctor has a mullet. He is argentinean and quit a successful medical career as an epidymiologist in Buenos Aires to become a puppeteer. Business up front, party in the back. Bonjour, Capao, eu adoro.

principessa da capao
I have a princess bed at Kiara's for the first two nights and I take a long nap to the sounds of the kids playing next door. The rain floods the houses a bit and then we take a delicious lunch prepared by Kiara and accompanying smokey babaganoush and deliciously garlicky jaca (a brasilian fruit that can be made into nearly anything) hummus made that morning by Frances. She has quick become a wizard of Brasilian, organic, creative cuisine. I'm so happy to be here. 

Little bug wings lightly coat the floors, the windows, all conceivable surfaces. These winged ants don't live more than a few hours and they leave behind their translucent, brownish wings in memory of their unfulfilled teeny lives I suppose. Muito bichus. And birds (one that sounds like a kitten mewing!) and every color flower and herb and tree. I am overwhelmed with the richesse. 

the porch of Kiara's casita, where I swing in the hammock and read about natural birth 
The evening's exercise consists of eating more soup and bread with little local avocados com, stewed tomatoes a la Kiara and killing mosquitoes--Frances and I are a deadly duo. I am full full full!

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