Saturday, December 11, 2010

I am destemplada

It means hot and cold interchanging moment to moment. I´m a bit oversunned, ay gringa, and feeling the sneaky bastard little cold I´ve been avoiding, trying to weasel it´s way into my evening of dancing. Fucker. So in trying to infuse my brain with happy, healthy tho
ughts, here´s what I got:

Brasil. Life is so simple. Yet the phones are bizarrely complicated. Its a mystery whether you dial the operator, the area code, both or none, when calling someone.

Brasil. A country so rich with beautiful flora and fauna to eat. Yet everyone eats unripe tomatoes.

Today I ate a whole fish, walked on the beach in the rain, bargained successfully for a beautiful pair of earrings for Kiki, played many games of thumb war with the hostel bebe Noel, and fed little macacos (teeny monkies) bits of bread and watched them chase some kittens.
River Imbassai

Me and macaco

Brasilian Pablo e Lemon

Noel and his awesome bed head

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  1. Totally Awesome, Dana! If you pick me up a pair of earrings too, I'll pay u back. Love you! Love your blog. Enjoy your travels, sister.