Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday in pictures, mostly.

I am staying with Flavia (see my blog roll) and Rogerio in Salvador, Bahia. I looked at his books of photography this morning as I drank very strong coffee, suco de guyava and ate some version of a pineapple (smaller and whitish, but delicious). His photos of Palestinians in Jordan and Lebanon are beautiful. One photo of a woman holding a large key, the key to her home she was forced from after 1948, with the intention of one day returning to her home and using that key again, moved me to tears. The clear, unwavering commitment to a future that is so unsure is something I am not wholly familiar with and au meme temp it is this same vision for justice that keeps me going. Ok...I digress a bit. I'm two days of beaching, walking and speaking a Tower of Babel mouthful. So let's just get on with some pictures...worth 1,000 words right?

Today is the feria, Nossa Senhora da Conseicao da Praia, and I "celebrated" by traveling to the Itaparica Island, just off the coast of Salvador. The water was bathwater warm, I ate little fried fish and found many "tresors" in the sand. We went a bit off the beaten path where a few families (babies, kids, dogs AND horses) were picnicing (splashing, running, kicking soccer balls/sand/eachother, and loads of laughter).

boy riding his pet horse

older boy hassles kid on the horse

older boy #2 throws sand at him

And then I ate this crazy fruit (acajou) that is the actual fruit of the cashew made my teeth and throat feel weird. Call me gringa, but it was a little trop bizarre.

and then I became uma sereia bahiana (mermaid of bahia).

The end. Fin. Finito.

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  1. you look so beautiful baby. looks so amazing there. i'm so happy for you, you above all.