Friday, December 17, 2010

This Valley Girl's got a new valley...

I started up the trail to Fumaça (big waterfall where the water evaporates before hitting the ground, thus creating a smokey effect) this morning, toute seule. The trail is basically rock stairs straight up for two hours. It was seriously divine. I also learned that if I am by myself and there's no one to hear me say, Damn, this is hard, then I don't say it, and I don't even really think it. I'm going to keep chewing on that one for a bit.

On the way up to Fumaça

And then after this hike in the roiling, yet comforting sun of the Vale, I head out on another adventure to RioChino, the local swimming hole. The walk there (about 4km) was the most peaceful and exquisite place I've been in years. These photos hardly do this place justice.

A few donkeys and motorinos only passed me on this road..

RioChino swimming hole (there's Frances e Diego!)

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