Saturday, December 18, 2010

Magic Israeli rasta tahini

Nir e Nati started making tahini out of necessity. They are an israeli couple who met in India (Frances says that Nati was living in some cave in India and Nir read about her and decided that she was the woman for him and went to India to find her) and decided to move to Brazil to raise a family. They settled in the Vale do Capao and built a spiral-shaped adobe house with an open air meditation deck on top that gives you a 360 degree view of the mountains. They built a compostable toilet (very popular here in Capao with the permaculture community--coolest one so far at Campinas), a small pool for their son, Ganesh, and worked the land to grow various vegetables and herbs.

Nir (left) e Nati (right) in their tahini studio

The one thing that was missing was tahini. Nati has stories about how she tried to find tahini in India (not easy) and they realized that it was just too expensive here in Brazil, and not very good either. They started making it to satisfy their tahini needs and have launched a business making tahini, peanut butter, tahini/peanut spread, and these little energy balls with cocoa, tahini, coconut, guyana, and other goodness. They were incredibly welcoming--as is everyone here in Brasil--and we stayed and chatted til the fireflies came out.

I bought a kilo of tahini to bring back to the states--so don't worry my tahini loving friends, there will be magic rasta tahini for all!

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  1. i need the recipe for those energy balls. sounds delish to me :) khatundi